Smartphone comparison 2013: Best list of current test winner!

Smartphone comparison - on these points should be taken

Basically, now is of course the question on which provider or manufacturer you should fall back because if you are interested in buying a new device. Above all newcomers hereby have a variety of problems, because there are now dozens of manufacturers and many more models that vie for the attention of the buyer. For this reason it is often advisable to make a purchasing decision with articles such as smartphone compared to deal, in which the leading products in the industry compare with each other extensively and analyzed based on different aspects and factors. So you quickly get a rough overview of all the points that need to be considered at a large mail order company Otto or Amazon before any purchase in order to afford a blunder. If you consider smartphones compared, it is striking above all that they see no way similar. This is often justified by the different forms and ideas of the designers concerned. Anders but it looks in the housing house - here are often found an Intel Core i3 processor and built similar graphic elements.

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Smartphone test comparison - only the facts count!

Of course you should always stick to the facts and still allow other valuation criteria into their own decision incorporated with - for example the display. A touch screen has long been the dominant standard in Germany, but it is far more important, what response times, the display features and how intensive and costly races rich the colors of images and home videos are displayed. In this Zusammnahang may of course also not the image quality of the built in camera be neglected, which mostly has higher with a resolution of 8 megapixels or. The current mobile phone comparison also shows that the German buyers also the reliability and durability of the corresponding model is extremely important. So a good quality of workmanship is smartphone comparison with the touch very well rated in the new HTC, since it can perfectly protect the device in a crash and the housing so is still intact before all things. Also relevant is also the battery life appears - it is self-explanatory that no one of us has a serious interest in again to close within a few hours his smartphone to the AC outlet, as the entire battery is already consumed again.

Android Smartphone Comparison - holds the operating system what it promises?

These facts are reason enough each battery to undergo a special test that illuminates just how much their own usage patterns affect the battery life. The measured results are therefore commonplace in a Outdoor smartphone comparison considered because these devices must be characterized mainly by a robust shell. If you then look at the smartphones leaderboard even closer, you will quickly discover that a few producers share the top places and still fighting in 2013 around the top. It will be fascinating - regardless of who has won the last quarter of the current smartphone camera comparison - after all, are those who want to compare smartphones, rationally superior, and not be guided by windy advertising promises when it comes to a new model choose from the online shop.